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Salt water

There is no insulation now where that pipes running which means you are flowing all that hot water right across the cold terrain and bleeding tons of heat through conduction! There is just too much wrong with the arrangement and insulation on this tub to take it seriously, despite a great marketing campaign the reality is it is poor, outdated technology re branded as new and it should not be personne your culotte list. It must be good! This is période evaluation of a Hydropool hot bain. This is just using a buzzword to fool you… How all filter systems really work is the water goes through a filter which cleans all the debris out of the water, then that water gets dumped back into the baignoire so right away it gets mixed into the unfiltered water… over time more and more water is filtered and after a few hours there is no debris left. There does not seem to have been any major modifications to the shell designs in decades including the old pressure filter housings and even floor suctions re-marketed aigle self cleaning. It seems Hydropool has not spent much money on technology improvements argent aesthetic changes. The truth is any debris small enough to get sucked into the floor suction typically was floating around in the water and caught by the filter system and anything heavy enough to actually sit in the floor is too big to go through the floor suction! That means that quelqu'un this older pressure filter system the water goes through the pumps and through the equipment before it gets filtered!!! Personne the charmer side they did however clamp the joints quelqu'un the pressure lines which is good and the component list is Balboa and Waterways which is great! The accumulation of debris moderne the pumps and moderne the heater elements can cause damage and it just makes sense to filter that water prior to it going through the equipment!

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